So, I am obsessed with Fae, Mermaids, Elves, Pixies,& Witches….you name it I love things like that.  I even own a few fairy doors & my girls love them…I might just have to get a few more of them since I have always loved them.  Today I was on YouTube when I happen to come across a video call 25 mysterious creatures caught on tape….now some look fake, but some hmmm makes you wonder. I have seen ghost before, but don’t tell my kids for they will surely freak out.  Not going to lie I have seen fairies too when I’ve walked the trails near my home.  You can choose to believe me or not I honestly don’t mind 😉

However I was wondering how many of my fellow bloggers out there believe in this kind of stuff?  I love Sci-Fi such as Bigfoot, &  Aliens…hmmm are they real too…perhaps?!? OH WAIT I got a good one for you….HOW about the Jersey Devil??? I have lived in South Jersey my whole life & have even been to the place where the Jersey Devil was born.  Pretty Crazy that I have yet to see him in my 40 years alive with all the camping I did! 

I would love to get a shot of him(jersey devil that is) hell I would love to get Bigfoot & an Alien on film!!!  However I also believe in Angels, demons & ghost too, where as some of my friends don’t & that is cool I respect their beliefs.  I would never tell someone they are crazy for what they believe to be true.  Like I said before I was just wondering how many peeps out there believe in that kinda stuff?!?  Leave me a comment if you do or don’t & maybe why or why not. Also share any of your pictures of any of the things I have listed about or even some of your drawings/art work if you have any of those too that would be AWESOME!  Have a very AWESOME day!